1. The friendly people at Between 10 and 5 were kind enough to do a small feature on me.  A big thank you to Melissa for making me sound much more eloquent than I really am. 



  3. Southern Namibia.


  4. Sand dunes outside Swakopmund.


  5. Swakopmund.


  6. Walvis Bay International Airport.


  7. Surfing at Pebbles.


  8. Jaco at Tiger Reef, Swakopmund.


  9. Slipway at the Mole, Swakopmund.


  10. Salt pans outside Walvis Bay.


  11. Stilts at Pelican Point near Walvis Bay.


  12. Bobo.


  13. Clearing the kelp, Swakopmund.


  14. The Mole, Swakopmund.